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    My wife is a teacher and is using her personal hotspot in her classroom for her laptop since there is no WI-fi in her building yet. She is blowing through our data plan even though she cannot understand what could be using it. Does anyone know of a utility that she can install on her laptop that will tell us what site is using up the data? We are pretty confident that it is not a student hacking into her hotspot.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Personal Hotspot is sorta a "last resort" as I like to call it, I tether when A. The Internet is out, B. no WiFi. When you tether think of it as a temporary solution, not a permanent one.

    She can't be using it everyday, for all of her schoolwork, and website checking. There just inst enough data in to do that, if you have a Mac you can go into activity monitor and click on "network" tab. Here you will see "data received" and "Data Sent", these numbers reset every restart. That's one way to track data usage from the laptop. Next, under the clock icon you can see how many devices are connected to the hotspot. If it is more then 1, odds are a student is hacking it.

    Last big point I want to hit, if she insists on using this hotspot she has to limit herself. this is not a replacement internet connection. Things like youtube, will EAT your data up. 1 or 2 videos is 200MB of data.

    If you have a windows PC, I'm sorry I can't help you track the data.

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