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    Perpenso Calc is a calculator application for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is five calculators in one fully paid app: scientific, statistics, business, hex and bill/tip. All five modes are included.

    With its support for RPN, fractions, complex numbers and many other features it is comparable to traditional handheld calculators. Worksheets offer a more natural way to enter, edit and view data and to perform some common calculations. iPad specific functionality includes customizable display lines.

    Perpenso Calc 4 is a related upgradable lite app. Scientific mode is included and the other modes are optional. Perpenso Calc is offered at a discounted price and may cost less than adding all your desired functionality to Perpenso Calc 4.

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    The features and pricing listed below are for November 2012 and are subject to change in the future. Please check the App Store for current information.

    There are two versions. One fully paid and one upgradable lite.

    Perpenso Calc v1.5.1 - US$2.99
    Scientific mode - included
    Statistics mode - included
    Business mode - included
    Hex mode - included
    Bill / Tip mode - included
    No advertising. No lite mode.

    Perpenso Calc 4 v4.5.1 - Free Download
    Full mode(*) - US$0.99
    Scientific mode - included
    Statistics mode - US$0.99
    Business mode - US$0.99
    Hex mode - US$0.99
    Bill / Tip mode - US$0.99
    Ad supported while in lite mode.
    (*) Upgrading from lite mode to full mode removes advertising and enables RPN entry, customizable display lines on an iPad, and other features. Statistics, business, hex and bill/tip modes are independent of and do not require full mode. Lite mode includes mathematical functionality like fractions, complex numbers, and conversions.

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