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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by frewme, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I wasn't sure whether to post this under MacBook Pro or Mac OSX forums. In any case:

    In July 2008, I upgraded my computer from a MacBook to a MacBook Pro (and bought a Time Machine so that all my files are backed up regularly!) I then bought my wife a MacBook Pro in November 2008. We both used to have iBook G4s that we bought way back when.

    We have an Epson EPL-6200 Laser Printer that we print from using our Airport Express. It used to work fine printing documents from any program and printing wirelessly from the iBook G4 computers we had when we bought the printer three to four years ago.

    But since I have switched to a MacBook and now a MacBook Pro, I have all kinds of problems printing on the Epson EPL-6200 printer. At first, my MacBook did not print remotely at all. I had long conversations with both Apple and Epson, guessing there was a problem with the Epson driver. Because some software programs printed OK -- i.e. I could print email -- and Epson never said their printer worked remotely, they said the printer was working fine, and it must be a software problem. Apple said it also appears to be a driver/software compatability problem. To top it off, the problems seemed worst with Microsoft Office programs, so both of them also said it was Microsoft's fault!

    Now that Epson has upgraded its drivers and I have downloaded the latest one, and switched to a MacBook Pro, I can print some files easily -- Word documents now print immediately, although I get an error message saying that the printer is not connected during/after printing. But trying to print from other programs such as Firefox or Preview either takes a very long time (around 5-8 minutes for one page) or causes the program to crash.

    Any ideas? The strange thing is that my wife's computer and mine are exactly the same (running Mac OS X version 10.5.6) but behave slightly differently when printing. I can print from Firefox, albeit after a long time per page, whereas if she tries to print from her computer in that program it instantly crashes.

    I guess we still have driver issues with the Epson EPL-6200.

    But I have looked on the Apple support forums and there seem to be a lot of printer-related issues like this. Do you guys have any suggestions? Or is there a printer that will work well with our MacBook Pros, an Airport Express and/or Time Machine (we have both) and when printing wirelessly? I would consider buying a new laser printer if it works well with the MacBook Pro and a Time Machine.

    All the best,

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Hong Kong
    So does anyone have any ideas? Or recommendations for printers to use with a MacBook Pro and a Time Machine/Airport Express?
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    Feb 7, 2009
    MacBook Pro printing problems

    I have an Epson R800 printer that I use for printing pictures, it has been an excellent printer for 2-3 years and then quite suddenly it stopped printing completely. I contacted Epson and they said the problem lies in the Mac Print Drivers. I also noticed when I go to system preferences there is no icon for printer and faxes.
    Epson said that they cannot supply the drivers required and that I would have to get them from Apple. I tried with little success. So I still am unable to print my Photogaphs.
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    I have a newer MBP, Airport Express, Epson printer and an external hard drive that I use for Time Machine. As long as you have the current drivers for the printer, you should be able to go to Printer & Fax folder in the System Preferences and add your printer.

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