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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilj0y, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. kilj0y macrumors member

    Apr 4, 2012
    I am working on my budget and I have a huge lump sum of money coming my way that will pay off all of my debt and leave me with roughly $10k as my emergency savings.

    What are some of your go-to books for personal finance?
    My main goal is to change my habits so I can stay out of debt and stay in good shape credit wise.

    I am also looking to start investing in the future, would it be wiser to go to a company to do it for me or learn myself?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. imaketouchtheme macrumors 65816

    Dec 5, 2007
    I can't recommend any books, but to answer your second question, it's obviously best for a company to handle your investing. Unless, of course, you're willing to spend a LOT of time researching and understanding everything prior to gambling your money away. In the end, if you go through a company, it's technically just a person that handles your investments, so it's not something you couldn't do yourself. ;)
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    Feb 20, 2009
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    I have a few:

    Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover is good. A lot of people don't care for his religious stuff, so if it bothers you, just ignore and pay attention to his money handling principles.

    Suze Orman's 9 Steps to Financial Freedom isn't bad.

    I Will Teach You to be Rich is decent, but you can get a lot of the same stuff by reading his blog.

    The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is a short, simple book. There isn't a lot of groundbreaking info, but he does have some eye-opening info about how buying small stuff can really add up.

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