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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by BarkingGhost, Jul 20, 2017.

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    About a month ago my work iPhone 5, which is running iOS 10, had an email showing up in the Trash folder when on the folder level. But when I went into the Trash folder itself nothing was there. I did the usual things like power cycle the phone, run and software updates, etc., but the problem persists. Now there are three items being reported in the Trash folder and like before going into the Trash folder itself shows nothing there.

    I would really not care to have to remove the account and add it back as this isn't something as easy like a regular personal phone of email account. Anyone have any ideas on this? I still delete mail from the Inbox and when I go into the Trash folder to remove them it works, but the item present count for that folder persist in its incorrect reporting.
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    Can you simply turn off mail on the affected account and turn it back on (the same way you turn off calendars to force a full resync). Some have reported success doing this. I hope that's enough. Without more details there isn't much to suggest.

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