Philips Announces New Line of App-Enabled Docks and Accessories

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    Adding to its extensive line of iOS device docks and accessories, Philips today announced a slew of new devices that take advantage of iOS apps. The first set of accessories includes security monitors that allow users to control their cameras via their iOS device.

    The apps for the InRange of products are optimized for at least iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The InSight will retail for $129.99 while an HD version will be $229.99 while the Baby Monitor will retail for $169.99. The InRange will retail for $49.99 and all of these will be available at the Apple Store this month.

    Philips has also unveiled several new docks for iOS devices. The first is the TwinPlay, which allows users to split streamed video content to two people when traveling long distances. It connects to an in-car charging port and comes with two screens, either in 7 or 9 inches. The Twin Play is available now for $169.99 for the 7-inch model and $199.99 for the 9-inch model and work with 30-pin iDevices, although the iPad can't fit in the cup cradle.

    Party Machine Dock
    In partnership with Algoriddim, the creators of hit app djay, Philips is releasing the Party Machine dock. You can hook up two iPod Touches or iPhones to turnstyle-docks and, using the djay app, you can mix the music as a DJ with traditional DJ-ing equipment would. The dock also has channel faders that allow you to fade in between the two iPods, all while built-in lights sync to the music you're playing. It's set to retail this month for $349.99 and is compatible with iPods and iPhones with 30-pin connectors. Lightning versions will be available in the future at some point.

    Article Link: Philips Announces New Line of App-Enabled Docks and Accessories
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    LOL! In other words: "Don't count on us making a currently compatible model in the near future. For now, buy this expensive accessory that's already obsolete." At that price, they should have made it Bluetooth.
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    Jan 27, 2005
    Thanks Philips for taking my idea of a baby monitor built w/ a smartphone as main monitoring device. I was working on it but meh.. time to move on to another idea. Honestly, surprised that it has taken this long for a company to get w/ it and make a smartphone based monitor that's not just a "webcam". If you're a parent you understand that a webcam can work but isn't optimal.
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    My god, that thing's uglier than "The Homer".
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    I'm not sure whats worse. The lack of Lightning support or that ugly 'Party Machine Dock'.
  6. erinsarah macrumors regular

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    Out of Range?

    And what happens when the In Range goes out of range? I would think this item would only be useful if it explodes like 007's car once someone runs away with your wallet.
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    Wait up... So the accessories are designed for the iPhone 5, yet they use the 30pin connector :confused:
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    The first two products have been available in Apple stores for ages (perhaps slightly different versions though).
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    macrumors apparently
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    That some scary looking .... stuff:eek:

    it gonna girls screaming , the wrong way:eek:
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    The baby monitor sounds like it is nice and simple device of people who don't want to do a lot of configuring.
  12. RobNYC macrumors 6502

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    Don't buy it, it will transform and enslave you!!
  13. braddicted2mac macrumors member


    Dec 5, 2012
    Dj machine will bomb !!! guess it will be total right off for phillips !


    the monitor is about the only thing that looks useful. Bought a baby monitor years ago cost 200$ this would have been a better useful solution as the monitor i bought is useless now and gets bad recepition ! and really always did !
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    I use my old iPhone4 as a CCD camera for this reason, but I still think I will be getting one of the Phillips cameras, if the price is low enough. (yes I am hoping for a price drop)

    Being in my office, working on Videos or music, is not exactly compatible with hearing UPS or FedEX showing up at my door!

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