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Apr 12, 2001

Signify today announced a major expansion to its Philips Hue line of lights with the addition of the new Philips Hue Secure cameras and sensors for home security.


The Philips Hue Secure cameras include 1080p video monitoring along with night vision and motion trigger notifications. Like other Hue devices, they are designed to connect to a Hue bridge.

Two-way talk is available, and the cameras can be paired with Hue lights and sound alarms to deter intruders. End-to-end encryption is included to keep video clips and snapshots private, and the functionality that allows the camera to recognize people, pets, and packages runs on the camera.


Philips Hue Secure cameras can be used indoors and outdoors, and there are both wired and battery versions. The cameras come in black or white, and can be mounted outdoors with the Secure camera mount with ground spike. Philips is also offering a Hue Secure Floodlight Camera that can monitor the outdoors and light up when motion is detected.

Indoors, the Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor can be applied to doors, windows, cabinets, and more, sending notifications when the contact sensor is opened or closed. As with the cameras, sensors can be linked to lights to activate them when the sensor is triggered, so they can be used for things like turning on the lights in the bathroom when the door is opened.


The cameras and sensors are controlled through the Security Center that's being added to the Philips Hue app. The Security Center has a built-in Take Action screen where you can activate an alarm that flashes the lights, sounds a siren, and contacts local authorities, plus there are options for customizing camera settings. Some features such as Activity Zones and person detection will require a paid plan, with pricing starting at $3.99 per month. A Hue account is required to use the devices, and up to 10 cameras can be linked to a bridge.

The Philips Hue Secure line will be available starting in fall 2023. The Hue Secure wired camera is priced at $200, or $230 with a desktop stand. The battery version will cost $250, while the Floodlight Camera will cost $350.

Contact sensors are priced at $40 for one or $70 for a two-pack, and various mounts and other add-on hardware can be purchased for $15 to $50. More information is available on the Hue website.

Article Link: Philips Hue Line Gains Smart Cameras and Sensors


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Mar 16, 2012
South Wales, UK
A new updated bridge would be nice that drastically increases the ridiculously low device limits. They keep adding and adding new stuff but the bridge is struggling.


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Sep 10, 2015
This actually sounds very interesting and especially Deaf friendly point of view! I have been struggling to find smart home that is Deaf friendly and I don't really want bulky Deaf people version of alarm etc. Nest Protect smoke alarm used to work with Philips Hue lights and will flash red if detect smoke and fire. Since Google brought it and disconnect that and now I have to rely on app tell me and if I am sleeping it be easy for me miss notification on phone but since I live with my parents (hearing) so not too worried but I am very annoyed Google removed that main feature I brought it for. So if Philips Hue add smoke alarm in future then I defo will buy that replacement after 10 years expiring date on Nest Protect. We have Netatmo cameras and they worked perfectly for about 3-4 years and now keep failing and we have got replacement for both of them and even replacements keep failing so quality defo dropped! If Philips Hue cameras works well and reliable and bonus light flashing alert it be perfect for me! Will need more details and what included without subscription and what is needed with subscription and costing in UK.
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Sep 30, 2021
Surprised there’s no HKSV integration since hue stuff has already been very good about integrating with HomeKit, for a very long time.
I really like the Aqara g3 we just got on prime day, but if I had to make a few improvements, I would want better image quality, less aggressive noise reduction for audio during 2 way communication, and the option to connect wired over Ethernet instead of WiFi only. Those are the only aspects in which it leaves me wanting.

Otherwise it has been fantastic, works with HomeKit secure video, and is a fraction of the price of this camera. The built in IR blaster has been so handy as well, and now it has home integration after the most recent update too.
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Jun 22, 2023
- no HomeKit integration
- only 3 months on single charge for wireless camera (so in real life I guess it would be like month)
- not cheap ~$250 for wireless

No, thank you
I know people are still sour about Eufy but I just spent half that on a wireless camera + solar panel from eufy that works with HomeKit. This hue option sounds overpriced and requires a subscription for some pretty basic features.
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Dec 28, 2007
No HomeKit secure video no buy

no HomeKit integration
I think most manufacturers are at this point waiting for Matter to support video cameras, rather than getting it to work specifically with HomeKit. For most manufacturers why bother wasting resource on developing something specific when universal standard will eventually replace it in next two years.

This is probably the same for Eufy, instead of getting their Homebase 3 to work specifically with HomeKit, they are waiting for Matter to support video cameras at this point so they can save time on development.


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Mar 19, 2014
No HomeKit secure video no buy
But really, how good is HomeKit Secure Video (HSV)? I have two cameras running on it (Logitech Circle and a Eufy 2K jobby). Both are good cameras and are very clear, but I find HSV a pain to use. You can't search for dates easily. You can skip to times easily, and the download function is a UX disaster.

The underlying technology might be good, but the UX a nothing more than a joke. There is also very little functionality in HSV for setting zones and other settings.

I'm a big Ring fan and find with the end-to-end encryption, it works well and is secure enough for me. All anyone can see is my cat occasionally and my family coming and going to our home.


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Nov 16, 2017
A new updated bridge would be nice that drastically increases the ridiculously low device limits. They keep adding and adding new stuff but the bridge is struggling.
its so weird. They are placing artificial limits on how much people can buy. I used a 2nd hue bridge for awhile but i think the zigbee networks interfered with one another causing random issues. The technology definitely exists and hue is no stranger to high prices.. just makes no sense.
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Oct 7, 2011
No HomeKit secure video no buy
I have my Eve Cameras on HKSV and the stability is pretty terrible. Apple needs to improve HKSV in a number of ways.

1.) 1440p recording at minimum (4K would be nice, but that would drain iCloud storage).
2.) Vastly better Wireless stability. My back yard never catches motion even when the kids are playing in the yard.

I use HKSV because I don’t trust the privacy of other options, but it’s hardly the idyllic walled garden.

I’m looking into a closed system that records to my NAS that I can use with Homebridge.
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Mar 14, 2003
Does it have thread support? Actually are there any smart camera that supports thread? Actually, actually are there any news about thread? XD
Thread isn't for cameras. Thread is a low-bitrate protocol. Extraordinarily low power usage, but also low bitrate. More than enough for a sensor to to say "yep" or "nope", but not enough to stream video or anything like that.

WiFi (or possibly something proprietary in Hue's case, to talk to the hub) is necessary for anything with as high of a data rate needed as a camera.

(If you're familiar with Zigbee, Thread is basically the evolution of Zigbee. Created by the same people and everything. The underlying nuts and bolts are improved and modern, like it being based on IPv6 and the ability to have more than one coordinator (now called border routers), but the way it works otherwise, and the kinds of applications suited to it, is almost exactly the same.)


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Feb 11, 2013
- no HomeKit integration
- only 3 months on single charge for wireless camera (so in real life I guess it would be like month)
- not cheap ~$250 for wireless

No, thank you
Add to that the $39.99 per camera per year or $99.99 per year for multiple cameras and this is a extremely disappointing offer from Philips Hue.

Alternatively the Eve Outdoor Cam has:
  • HomeKit Secure video
  • a floodlight
  • No extra subscription
  • Two-way communication
  • Wired with no cable the intruder can easily cut


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Sep 27, 2014
I was intrigued by this until I read about the subscription and no Matter/HKSV support. Immediate red flags for me.

For all that I grumble, complain and detest Eufy...their cameras are the most "consistent" out of the market but the bar is very, VERY low for consistency. All of my Eufy cameras support HKSV and while the Home app is still hot garbage and the playback options for videos in the home app needs a massive overhaul, I can at least trust that whatever is recorded is uploaded to my iCloud.

Do I outright trust Eufy? Absolutely not. Are they cheap and do they work? Yes and mostly yes.
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