Philips TV with Twonky already a AirPlay killer?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by willybNL, Sep 21, 2010.

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    A minute ago I found out that my Philips TV supports a quite complete PC and Mac navigation tool (via UPNP) .... wow, did they take a look at Apple TV.

    My TV is now showing a interface quite similar to Apple TV (the very first version), with which I can browse though all video, audio and photo's on my mac.

    I was a bit surprised, as I thought Apple was the first with this kind of connectivity. I was going to buy an Apple TV, but I'm wondering why I should still buy it... (ok: iphone/ipad support, but still).

    The TV connects with an App called Twonky. All supported devices are at:

    I noticed that Twonky and many others (of which PlayBack seems to be the iLife/iTunes supporter) are already available on the mac. But clearly AirPlay is the killer here, making the interface even one step better and allowing push (I have to pull audio/video now).

    My Question:
    Is Apple going to support Philips TV's with Airplay in the future, that someone knows of?... the TV seems quite ready for it.
    Or is there software that allows to Push to a UPNP device already?
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    My Pioneer Plasma does it also.

    I'm pretty sure Windows Media player is UPNP. This isn't really new, your just discovering it. It's been around for a while, DLNA I think is the other name for it.
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    Found this video too, iPhone App works directly through WiFi and even enables multiroom music if you have multiple Philips products..
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    Yes, DLNA is nothing new. Many TVs, receivers, and other hardware have had this for quite some time. My Samsung TV has this built in, as does my router (Cisco E3000). I have an external hard drive plugged in to the router, and I can browse all the different media through the TV. Also, as I use a Samsung Android phone, it has a DLNA app that I can push stuff to the TV with as well. It all works very well, with no other hardware needed.
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    Same here with my 3 yr old Popcorn Hour. Using iMediaShare I even push youtube vides to it at parties

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