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  1. ChrisChaval, Dec 22, 2016
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    Aug 30, 2016
    Dear all,

    I just received one of those phishing emails saying that I initiated a procedure to reset my Apple ID password and trying to convince me to enter my Apple ID and password on a legit looking but fraudulent website.

    I wish to share this information with you as a warning.

    The email looks - at first glance - like an email coming from Apple but looking closer, this one does not address me by my name, as legitimate Apple communications do and of course the link provided does not lead to Apple's website but to a very convincing clone designed to fetch your Apple ID and password as soon as you enter it.

    If you receive such emails please do not panic, check the sender in the header information first, the content of the email for typos, grammatical errors and generic phrases normally used in phishing attempts as well as the link provided.

    I recently also activated two factor authentication to add a further layer of security as a few months ago someone already had accessed my Apple ID.

    Thank you and take care,
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    Sep 23, 2008
    Just make it a habit to never click on any links in an email, especially not if it pertains to an account or other secure information. Always go to the website directly in your browser.
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    I would also recommend taking the time to report any phishing attempt, along with URL's and email addresses, to Apple's feedback page at and Apple's iCloud abuse email address at

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