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Jun 6, 2012

I guess I would need to tap into this communities' expertise.

I recently received spam-mail, which looked absolutely authentic to Paypal.

The message alerted me to 'limitations' put on my account. The address ended with (but the firm informed me that they would only contact me using my name/details - so I assume this to be spam).

While I did not provide any information, I nevertheless clicked on a link ('can't read this message? - click here'). Silly me. :( Now, I wondered whether there is a chance of me detecting whether some sort of malware has been transferred onto my Mac (OS 10.6.8)

Given the recent news that Mac OS is years behind security issues, I start getting worried as a seasoned Mac owner. :confused:



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Feb 24, 2011
Other than the Wacom Digitizer what does it have spec wise on the ipad?
The ipad have bluetooth and other pressure sensitive stylus' coming out.

IR for home theater? Who the hell uses direct ir for a home theater? I use the ipads and iphones wifi to control lights, tv, ac and more. Not to mention its cheap! IR sux

The note 10.1 doesnt even have a place to carry the s-pen. Now thats a joke!

The mouse support is advantage android has over iOS. You can use a mouse on the iPad but you must jailbreak.
If you have all the patches foe the recent issues and you are using chrome chances are good you are safe.

However it is basically impossible for regular users of any computer to know if they had been hit by a new exploit until bad things happens. That is the reason why Iran has been so successfully targeted lately. Which is also why apple claiming their superiority on the security front is a bit foolish.


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May 20, 2002
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Given the recent news that Mac OS is years behind security issues, I start getting worried as a seasoned Mac owner. :confused:
Don't believe the hype. One trojan horse application sweeps through Macs that aren't up-to-date isn't a problem with Mac OS being a security problem. That is a human issue.

I frequently get those kinds of phishing messages. Just be careful what you click in your email. If it sounds fishy, it probably is. A good trick to know is if you hover (or float) your mouse over a link in your email, the true URL will be displayed. It is a common trick for phishers to disguise the actual URL with a bogus URL.
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