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Nov 9, 2003
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I'm going to start out by saying that I'm leaning towards a Blackberry Curve 8320. The only big con that I can see in getting this phone is that the browser is touted as the worst ever - and seeing that I was hoping to use this phone as a laptop replacement for light browsing (facebook, bank website, rss) that is a big deal.

My budget is probably going to be less than $500 and my big concerns are A)Quad-band GSM B) Qwerty keyboard C) WiFi D) Camera E) GPS

Also the Curve lacks GPS. But GPS is not a 'must have feature' as my girlfriend is impeccable with directions and as long as I can access google maps I can usually find where I am.

An iPhone would definitely be a contender, however I am tied to T-mobile. Not a bad thing, I prefer T-mo to AT&T. So unless an unlocked one comes out next year then I really can't get one. And no I do not wish to crack mine to get it to work. I'd rather import a €999 unlocked French one and have it be supported by apple instead. Note: That phone is a rumor and I do not have $1400 budgeted for a phone.

The Nokia N95 is an excellent contender. It has a better web browser than the Curve. Wifi. Available unlocked! A 5MP Camera!!!! Holy cow 7on! buy that phone now! Oh wait, no qwerty keypad. Why should that be a deciding factor? The only initial reason I want to go from my PEBL to a smartphone was the qwerty layout. I was really excited when I saw this phone, but the keypad would severely limit how much fun I would have with it.

The original contender: The Neo1973. Pretty much a picture of what I want. The only reason GPS is on my list is because the Neo1973 will include one when it ships. As well as WiFi. It will have pretty much most of what's on my list besides the camera. For the last couple of months I have thought 'I could live without a camera.' However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that a camera is pretty useful. From taking pictures of events to pretty much making mental notes to do something, I use my PEBL to take photos of everything.

Pretty much everyone of these phones lacks at least one thing I desire, what I am concerned with is how to choose which feature I could live without. It Has to have quad-band and wifi. I would not even list a phone as an option without those two. Maybe the community knows of a better browser for the bb? Maybe there's a better phone someone knows of? I looked at plenty of the HTC models - but unless someone can suggest a WM phone then I can't consider one. My bro has a Moto Q and pretty much hates it.

Thanks for your help and suggetions.


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Dec 5, 2006
My roommate has the HTC Mogul, the processor is 400Mhz whereas the Wing's processor is 200Mhz. I've played with a Wing and seems a bit sluggish at times but I read it can be overclocked? At least my roommate claims he overclocked his Mogul (or maybe it was his Treo :confused:)

I was visiting San Francisco a few weeks ago and was checking out some cell phone stores in Chinatown. Saw a buying pay $550 cash for an N95 8GB. It's $779 on Nokia's site but have seen them sell for as low as $400 on other forums. It seems a bit bulky but its got some nice features such as 5MP camera and A-GPS.

The 8320 was my other option (went for the iPhone). Previously owned an 8100 and was able to sell it for close to what I paid for 1 year ago with a 2 year contract through T-Mobile. Too bad there's no Crackberry that has all 3: Wi-Fi, GPS and Camera. Though the 8320 was smaller than I had expected and fairly light though keys felt a bit cramped. I love the iPhone's word prediction and can actually type quite fast now. I also read the 8320 can support a 32GB MicroSD.

I haven't heard of or seen a Neo1973 so I can't comment there.

I really want to suggest the iPhone but I know you won't buy it unless its "legally" unlocked. Google Maps definitely saved my butt when I was lost or needed directions in downtown San Francisco.

Have you considered an unlocked HTC TyTN II (AT&T HTC Tilt)?

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