Phone getting really warm and Settings app crashing

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    Oct 24, 2013
    The Long version:
    My 32gb iPhone 5S recently started giving me issues where the phone would get extremely warm and random apps like the mail app would freeze mid-animation and eventually crash. I called Apple and they had me download the latest firmware on my Mac and restore my phone. That only seemed to help with some of the freezing but not all of it or the heat issue so I called back the next day and they made me go see a Genius at the Apple store about an hour away.

    So I went to the Apple store and they did a diagnostic, said they determined that it was a software issue, reinstalled the firmware again (when I asked how this would help when it didn't before they just said that they have a special way of doing it that is different from what I had done previously), and guaranteed me that the issue would be fixed. By the time I got home the issues started again so I called Apple again and they gave me the option to mail the phone in since I said I wasn't wasting more time and gas money driving another hour back to the Apple store.

    I mailed the phone in, waited about a week, and just received a package today saying they determined that my phone needed to be replaced with a new or refurbished phone. So I start setting it up, and sure enough the phone freezes while trying to sign in to Facebook from the settings app. Then the phone starts getting really warm, I close out the app, go back into settings and it says that I am logged in but when I try to change the toggle buttons to not have have my Calendar or Contacts sync with Facebook the app just freezes until I close it.

    Is the iPhone 5S getting really warm or having issues with signing into Facebook a common issue? Did they just send me the same phone back? I've tried to do everything the right way and I just can't seem to get this resolved and get my phone back to working how it was before it started having issues. Sorry for the rant, any help is appreciated!

    My phone gets really hot, I can't log in or change setting for Facebook in the Settings app without freezing, and everything I've tried to do hasn't worked. Help?!
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    Aug 27, 2012
    First obvious thing I would do is go into Settings and you should have a different serial number, otherwise they sent you the same phone.

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