Phone issue with iOS9 PB and wOS 1.0.1


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Oct 20, 2012
Montpellier, FR
Hi all,

I've updated my iphone 6 from ios 8.4 to ios9 Public Beta, everything works fine except phone calls, when I start a phone call from the watch, the watch show transféré (handed off) and return to the watch face or previous screen, but the problem is that the call continu on my watch (I can still talk ...) but I can't end the call or something else cause I don't have any control.

I've unpaired the watch but it didn't resolve the problem. If someone had the same problem and have a solution.


Edit :
You can see the problem in this video, the speaker sound is coming from the watch, and you can notice at the end of the video that you can still hear it even when the watch is locked o_O

Edit 2:
I've unpaired the watch and paired it as a new watch, and the persist, so it's definitely an iOS 9 issue with watchOS 1.0.1
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Feb 13, 2007
I'm having the same issue! Not sure what to do other than reverting to 8.4, which I don't really want to do because it's time consuming.