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    Are there any technical probabilities that could cause wifi to interfere with GSM signals? Maybe it is just me or my illusions, but I always feel that my call quality is not as good if I have wifi enabled on my 3GS. Just wondering if others feel this way or if there actually is the possibility of interference.
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    I appreciate all of the helpful feedback! ;)

    Anyway - there is actually some interference for me via my BT headset. I was on a long call today that started with wifi on. I kept noticing a lot of "popping" in my headset (Voyager Pro) that I have not had in a long time. I turned wifi off and it immediately went away. Waited a while, turned wifi back on and immediately got the popping/static again. I turned wifi back off.

    Maybe this is only a problem for me with my 3GS and with the Voyager Pro, but my call quality is definitely better with wifi off while using the headset.
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    It could be interference on the particular bluetooth headset.
    But while using the iphone with no BT adapter there shouldnt be any.
    If its noticeable bring it to Apple for an exchange.

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