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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tl01, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Without the apple bias... Do you think there are other phones there with better reception? I need to decide if perhaps a differently AT&T phone will help my reception woes. I currently have an iPhone 5. I don't want to leave AT&T but I'm going a little nuts. I'm thinking of buying a used droid of some sort to test. I'm worried the service isn't going to improve for a while and I want to make sure it isn't my phone. There's a whole different thread about everything I have done to trouble shoot the problem.
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    If service is terrible then chances are its not the iPhones fault.
    If you're at a dead zone or in an area with poor service then using a droid or any other cellphone will not magically give you full bars service where you had 1 bar before.
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    I found the iPhone 4S and 5 have pretty good reception compared to other smartphones (BB and Samsung) on AT&T where I live (SF Bay Area). The iPhone 4 was definitely subpar.
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    Totally agree... My iPhone 4 was a nightmare. Between the reception and the crazy proximity sensor... I was so happy when the 4s came out. What a huge difference that was!


    Say it ain't so! ;(

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