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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by burnsranch, Jan 24, 2015.

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    I do not do much with photos as the moment, except store them. I read the reviews of aperture since it is being discontinued. Lightroom seems to be a cloud based app, which I detest, but it seems I can still buy the software outright for the moment.

    Is there a good non cloud photo app out there? It is worth while to just buy aperture or lightroom to avoid the cloud mess that is coming?

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    Not sure how that conclusion was reached. It has not been for me for the years I have used LR. I have a license, not a yearly subscription and I never plan to use LR for iPad.

    If I had to recommend a DAM right now that allows for plugins to extend the DAM's native editing functions....there is only LR and Aperture. I can not find any other DAM that does its own editing plus lets you link it capabilities from Topaz, Nik, DxO, Perfect Photo Suite and others. Obviously it is too late to jump into Aperture.

    I would advise holding off on a decision until Photos is released. Depending on your need for native vs plugin editing capabilities, Photos may be enough. While Photos can use cloud storage, it should also fully support local storage. We should know more later this quarter......hopefully.
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    Buying Aperture at this stage is a waste of money. Apple has announced it's new app, photos but no date on release yet.
    Lightroom isn't really cloud based in the strictest sence. Your photos are still stored locally. LR 5 is currently available, but about to be updated by version 6. The latest rumours suggest you will still be able to buy version 6 rather than just a subscription model.
    Other options are capture one, DXO optics or even iphoto.
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    LR is NOT cloud based except that you have to have internet access at some point to activate if you use the subscription verions, and to update it. You don't have to do anything with the cloud. In that sense it isn't any different than Aperture (you get a perpetual license, but you need to activate online via your Mac App Store account).

    And aside from DAM software like Aperture, iPhoto, Lightroom, DarkTable, Lightzone, Corel Aftershot Pro, Photo Mechanic, etc, there are also browsers like Lyn, Graphic Converter, NeoFinder, etc. All but the Apple applications have demos you can try. If you download from the cloud, that is.

    And BTW, although some of these use cloud connected features (uploading to websites, emailing photos, storage, etc), none are as obtuse as Apple's cloud set up, which is, IMHO, a mess indeed.

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