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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by fastasleep, May 21, 2010.

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    May 21, 2010
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    I'm about to be tasked with setting up a way to manage thousands of high res images coming in from various photo shoots for our upcoming projects. We are a Mac-based office, and have an Xserve as our local file/web server which we will install something on.

    - Ideally it'd be something hosted locally from the Xserve so that it's easily updated via the file server. Easiest would be an app that helps import batches of new images, or has a folder where we can drop new batches directly. Online web services are not ideal as we'd like to house all the data locally.

    - Could be software-based, ie if there's a package that has a server app we can install on the Xserve and run client apps on local machines to access, OR could be web-based, ie image gallery software I install on the Xserve, which we could access in or out of the office (external access would be most helpful). Or, software with remote access capabilities of some sort.

    - Main thing is that it's easy to browse and search thumbnails, view larger preview on screen, then download full size image when ready

    - Ideally individual users would be all be able to tag/organize content

    - Super extra bonus points if users can create their own lightbox/favorites to select images for a particular project, and save their settings etc.

    - Simple, clean, easy to use interface would be excellent. We don't need something that does 1000 things, just the above things really well.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

    Since I originally wrote this up, I've found Extensis Portfolio, which looks like it might be a contender. Still looking at all options/alternatives!


    and now I've found some other possibilities as well -

    ThirdLight IMS
    Locally hosted web-based interface, desktop tool for adding images, plugin for Bridge

    Locally hosted web-based interface, open source/ free

    Con - hosted

    Not sure:

    Canto Cumulus

    Xinet WebNative Suite

    Nuxeo DAM

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    Jun 18, 2014
    DAM - Digital Asset Management

    Hi Fastasleep,

    You've made a great choice going for DAM software.

    When comparing DAM software you want to consider if your chosen supplier offers configuration options, this is essential to help you craft the software around your organisations needs.

    You also want to choose a DAM supplier based on whether or not they provide dedicated support. There is nothing worse then waiting around to get an issue fixed from an untrustworthy supplier.

    Hope this helps.


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