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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by beausophe2102, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Jun 17, 2009
    hey guys,

    im 16 and have been photographing for 5 years... im self taught and a small portfolio of my work can be found at my website (my portfolio is much larger just those photos are what im most proud of)... i was recently talking to somebody who recommended i start entering as many competitions as possible because he said thats the only way to ever win any of them... logical...

    I know i may not be 100% ready but i figure ill give it a shot..
    My problem is... i need a competition thats for kids or at least amateurs... and if its free (i know thats asking for a lot) it would be even better... could you suggest some competitions or just advice on how to expand further (galleries etc)

    I know im young, im not expecting to win anything i just figure i might as well start trying or ill never know

    thanks guys!
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    Mar 25, 2009
    Folding space
    Got this off Google. Where else??

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Also be a little bit wary of where you enter. Many contests force you to give up the rights to your image to the contest host (or at least authorizes them to use your image anytime without compensating you) regardless if you win or not. This amounts to essentially giving away your images for free. So if you enter a bunch of contests wantonly then you may be just giving away your work. Not saying you shouldn't enter but do be a little smart in how you go about it.
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    This is off topic, but I thought I should mention it. I really like your website, and I really like that Decemberists song, BUT: a) I hate it when websites play music on their own, and b) I'm assuming you wouldn't want someone using one of your images without permission, so don't use someone else's song without their permission. If I'm off base and you some how have the rights to use that song, then by all means do, but I'd recommend having it muted by default with the option to turn it on if the user desires. I had some spoon playing when I opened your website and the two don't mix well...

    Good luck with the contests. Your work is good.
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    skip the contests... set your sights higher

    Nicely done work, impressive site as well. I have been an Art Director for about 25 years now, and my advice is skip the contests. You have a good eye and enough talent now to start shooting "for real" (whether that end is simply for yourself, as a paid professional, or to follow your artistic muse wherever it leads you). Contests may win you some recognition, or just exploit your work to their own ends.

    All you need is someone willing to "take a chance" on you, and your work. You have a strong enough eye and approach that it isn't that much of a gamble. They gain the ability to exploit your youth/inexperience for favorable rates (meaning you may appeal to discerning "cheap" people). You already have a website that showcases your work... add in what you are "selling" (portraits, weddings, art, travel photography... photo-journalism... whichever way you want to go). Even if you are not always shooting what you like, remember as long as you are being paid, you can support your habit to shoot whatever moves you.

    At 16, you are old enough to start looking for internships. Maybe that internship isn't one that you get until you are in college... but it isn't too early to start thinking about it. Slave labor? Yep... but if you use the opportunity as much as they are using you, you can gain priceless experience and some valuable resume cred as well. "Good" interns are rare, so it is an easy way to shine and show your skills. I started out as an intern myself for a couple of magazines, and after that hired many interns who ended up either as employees or recommended for hire elsewhere. So I know it is a good place to start out. As they are not paying you, it doesn't hurt to aim very high in where you would want to intern (they can only say no).

    Market yourself. For the price of a stamp and a self-printed postcard you could land some work. Many shooters and artists send promo mailers out to agencies, publications etc. that simply are a 5x7 image with some brief contact info on the back. Some send them every month or so, and have a list of targeted contacts they are trying to get some work (and clips) out of.

    Check out FlicKr and join some groups or participate in some of the shooting challenges there. There are some pretty talented folks, pro and amateur, who hang out there.

    Did you do you do your own web work? If so, seek out some local businesses who have terrible sites (it should not be hard, lol). You might be surprised how much money you can make on the side while you are still in school.

    best of luck to you, again nice work.

    PS: check out
    Walter basically started out as a street photographer in Philly. I was one of the first magazine AD's to hire him when he was just starting out...

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