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    Most digital photo frames are pretty much compatible with Macs since a photo frame is recognized simply as another USB device, but I'm sure there are some frames out there that are dummy proof and play nicer with Macs. Would be nice to buy my Mum a frame that she doesn't have to tinker with. Any recommendations for under $125ish?

    Ah, one more important thing. I read that it's best to buy an 8" frame because most default pictures sizes on cameras will fit without unwanted borders etc. I guess the ratio would be most important hey? Not so concerned with resolution as I think most new photo frames can handle at least 800x600 no?
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    Here is the digital photo frame comes into play. These devices look like your standard photo frame that dotted around the home. There is a big difference, but these figures do not display file photo frames - they show your digital photos directly from your memory card or motherboard memory.
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    I have a Sony DPP-F800 and cannot fault it.

    Wide range of input types and display options.

    8" display does not require any cropping or stretching for my pictures.

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