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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RossMak, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Jun 14, 2012
    Hi Everyone

    I imagine I am asking late, but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway, I had all my photos on my iPhone 5 and I thought when I turned on my iPhone 6+ they would all be there.

    Anyways they were not there, the iPhone 5 was backed up but I like to do a fresh install. However I now don't know where the backups for the iPhone 5 are?

    Anyone know of anyway to get these photos back? I don't have the phone anymore.


    Also just noticed when I go into my iCloud library I can see the backup from my iPhone 5 but I don't know how to get whats on that onto my phone, I can't see it on iTunes
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    Mar 12, 2014
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    The default is to NOT backup your photos on the cloud. At least that is how my phone is. I have way too many images to back up in the cloud.

    I am afraid if you erased them from your old device and you have no cloud backup of you images, they are gone.

    Does not help now but in the future when you plug your phone into your computer copy and paste all of your imgaes on you phone into a folder on your computer.

    OR, do a hard complete backup on your computer via iTunes every week or two. I also use the cloud but back up my device to iTune every few weeks.

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