Photo Location with Lightroom and Mavericks

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    I installed OS X (upgraded from Lion) and before, when I uploaded my photos into Lightroom 4, they were also saved in my Pictures Folder. When I was done with them, I'd have to go and delete them from my Pictures Folder (I also simultaneously imported them to an external hard drive). Anyway, now, when I delete photos from Lightroom 4, (with OS X), my pictures automatically are deleted from the Pictures Folder. Am I missing something? Should I be deleting them from some secret storage place? Ha!

    Just wanted to make sure I'm not clogging up my system with unneeded photos once I've edited and uploaded to my website. Thanks for any help you can provide. Not the brightest computer user, but I do take nice photos...thanks for your help!:D
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    Lightroom only references them from their physical location on the drive. If you deleted them form your pictures folder after you "imported" them, then they won't be in LR.

    Perhaps I'm missing something
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    depends how you imported to Lightroom... you can 'add' which just references where they currently are, or you can 'copy' which copies them somewhere (which you specify) then references them in that location, leaving the originals

    check your import settings

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