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    I would like to setup a local website to act as a gallery/management-system for our photos and videos. (I can run 2 servers one for videos and one for photos)

    I currently have about 1.5 TB of Pictures and around 4TB of HD home videos, stored on Synology 12bay+ NAS.

    We are a large family and people keep asking me if they can have this video or that picture. What I would like is a way to have a photo gallery and a video gallery of everything that we have placed on our LAN (Something like picaso/smugmug but not online just locally, including the ability to do things such as editing tags using the web interface). I'd like to keep the images/videos on the NAS, just have a system to view/manage them (Would need to be Mac compatible, ideally web-based). Does any such system exist?

    my original post :

    thanks so much guys hope to hear some good news !
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    I'm probably missing something, but it sounds like you answered your own question: set up a website based on your own computer that will strut your stuff, so to speak. It's just a matter of what you want to use to construct your site (BTW, Flux is on sale as part of a package at Nova Development right now). I use RapidWeaver and RapidAlbum, which works with DAM applications.

    If you're just going with photos check out JAlbum;it's really simple to use.

    Aside from the gallery pages you could make with Flux, RapidWeaver, etc, there are the more robust galleries that you've probably encountered online. Generally they are CMS-type setups and require PHP/MySQL installations on your Mac. What probably differentiates them for your purposes are ease of use and setup; some require more work than others if you're not already familiar with these.

    Common ones are Gallery and Coppermine, both freeware and both do keywords, I believe.

    A hiccup in using the above is that Apple no longer includes MySQL with Lion Server; it's PostgreSQL now. Some stuff won't run without it, so you may have to install it yourself.

    good luck,
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    How are you organizing your pictures now? Assuming you are using Aperture 3... (and I presume LR as well)... it is trivial to create multiple cuts through your collection using smart albums and then post those albums on your server.

    If someone wants something that you have not already created... a few clicks in making a new smart album and your work is done in seconds.

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Photo & Video Web server for MACmini

    HI I just started using my mini to serve my photo collection as a webserver, the web software server I use is

    one of the main reasons that I chose this server software is because you don't need to generate galleries or thumbnails for it, you just point it to your photo directory and it does it's thing, also it doesn't need any kind of database for the galleries.

    My photo directory structure is pretty simple:

    - Photos (main directory pointed by the server)
    - 2010-10 - 10th Anniv Cruise
    - 2011-08 - Orlando Vacation

    So far it has been working great, my next step is to set up the video streaming so I can also serve videos from those directories.

    Hope this helps.


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