Photo memo app (not Evernote please)?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Jantelagen, Jan 8, 2012.

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    All year long I get these great ideas of presents and home improvement projects, usually when seeing something on the web or in a shop window, and I then take/save a photo. The problem is, I would like this to be handled by a universal app, preferably. The app would function as follows.

    1. Splash screen with previous memos laid out on a grid, like polaroids on a table or nailed to a corkboard. Buttons to delete selected or add new memos.

    2. New memo-button prompts for image from camera or camera roll. When given an image, the app asks for a small description and adds it to the white border of the image. The memos syncs to all my iOS devices.

    3. Some memos are behind password protection.

    What app meets these requirements? Evernote is the obvious answer, but it limits my uploads unless I buy it and the iPad version is clunky as hell. Simplenote is not much better, I simply want a WYSIWYG app to store "polaroids" of my ideas. Any help is greatly appriciated since I've been scowering both the App Store and the web for hours now, only to find badly coded apps that only does half of what I want or is primarily focused on text based reminders.
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    Thanks! Saw that one before, seemed kind of worse than Evernote at usability though. But the concept of the cork board is definitely what I was looking for.


    Come to think of it, I could just use Instagram since I don't use it for anything other than spare filters for Camera+. I just have to look up how to keep the feed entirely incognito in case someone wants to spoil their own gift :)

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