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Feb 4, 2012
Kent, UK
Welcome to Photo of the Day. The POTD thread was started by iGary in May, 2006 and converted to a monthly thread in November 2007 by Arn. POTD is one of the most popular picture groups on MacRumors, often exceeding 500 posts and 20,000 views per month.

Photo of the Day is intended to be a showcase for your best pictures. There is no limit to your gear, just your imagination. P&S and film cameras are welcome along with DSLRs. There are no themes like the Weekly Contest, and no winners (or losers) either.


*One Photo per Day
- Don't post more than one photo each day.

*Multi-Quote - To comment on several photos, click the "+ (Multi-Quote) button. This puts all your comments in one post. Multi-Quoting is required on all of the MacRumors forums.

*SFW (Safe for Work) only - This is a site - wide rule. If you wouldn't show it in a public place, then it's NSFW (not safe for work). Think before you post.

*Describe your photo - Tell what it is and where you took it. If you know the EXIF data of a photo, include it. The following EXIF fields are recommended: Camera, ISO, Focal Length, Shutter/Aperture and Lens.

Note: Anyone may start the Photo of the Day thread on the first of the month GMT. Please copy a quote of this post to maintain all the formatting.

** To see all of our past POTD threads (up to July 2013) please see the sticky thread here**
** To see all of the POTD threads from August 2013 onwards see the thread here**

Cheers :)


Micky Do

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Aug 31, 2012
a South Pacific island
@ Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand


Fujifilm X20: ISO 100, f 5 @ 1/900 sec
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Apple fanboy

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Feb 21, 2012
Behind the Lens, UK
Shame about the post in bottom right but I thought I'd best keep my promise to myself of taking more photos this year.

View attachment 891740
M9 with Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F2, 1/500, ISO160
I’m already failing the taking more photos this year idea!
Interesting lens flair. Or is it something added in PS?
Another Oyster Mushroom shot.....

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Your dinner?
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