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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by chuchichan2524, Apr 18, 2006.

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    I'm having some problems printing photos. I'm using a Canon ip3000 printer (with a PB G4). I either can't get the exact size photo I want (the image gets cropped) or I can't even select the proper paper size. I'm in Japan now and just purchased some "L" size photo paper. I can't seem to select this using my current software. Currently I'm using Easy Photo Print (the software that came with my printer...or Canon camera...I can't remember).

    Anyways, am I doing something wrong? Should I be using a different software package? I thought it would be fairly easy to just pop in the paper and print out some photos.

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    Apr 20, 2006
    I have a Canon S2 IS and a Pixma iP6220D printer; Easy Photo Print came with it, the printer that is. I only just printed yesterday, no problem except the paper was tricky to get in but I chose the size in EPP, Paper Selection which was 4 x 6 and the media type like glossy or whatever. Then you click on next and it takes you to Layout where you decide if you want it bordered or whatever. You see a preview of what you'll get.

    Easy Photo Print was easy for me, could you be selecting the wrong paper size? Did you look at the preview?
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    First, when you have an image open, go to Page Setup and change look for your paper there. If it doesn't appear there, then you will need to create it.

    I'm not familiar with that software, but.... if it works like Pages, try this (this is for Snow Leopard). Also, I am using Pages to get the menu names, so you may need to look for slightly different names for your software. But it should be pretty close.

    Open an image in EPP. Then go to Page Setup (under 'File' in the menu bar).
    Under 'Paper Size', scroll down to the bottom 'Manage Custom Sizes', and choose that.
    You should now see a dialogue box that allows you to 'add' a custom paper size (the little plus sign at the bottom of the column on the left), and to set the size and margins of that new paper. I forget if you 'add' first, and then specify the size, or specify the size and then 'add'. Personally, I find this dialogue a little confusing, so don't feel bad if it doesn't work for you initially. Name the new size with something that makes sense.

    When you are ready to print, set the paper size in Page Setup.

    Note that some paper sizes can't be created - if they are outside the bounds of the printer.

    Good Luck.
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    You probably didn't notice, but this thread is five years old. Looks like it got brought back by someone wanting to post an add.
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    Bugger. Yep, missed that. I also flagged the ad, so now that it's been removed it just makes me look a bit foolish. Oh well. Maybe someone searching for this answer in the future will find the thread and get some use from it. sigh.

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