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    Sorry if this is a repost; not sure what search terms to use... restore, recover, etc. I tried to do some research on google and everything I found seems to advertise either using iCloud or some gimmick program that doesn't work.

    Here's the situation:
    Yesterday, my friends and I took an awesome picture together. A girl in our group decided she didn't like the way SHE looked and took my phone and deleted it. I really want this picture back! I don't autosync with iCloud or anything like that. Is it gone forever? Or is there some possible way I can retrieve it from purgatory?

    Thanks very much in advance.
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    Feb 19, 2008
    I have an iPhone 5. Given that the photo in question was taken in July, I'm guessing I've overwritten it by now by taking other pictures...? But if you think there's a way, I'm all ears! :D
  3. Pikue, Dec 29, 2013
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    If you lost some data on your device, the first thing is to make sure it cannot be overwritten. Then, try the third photo recovery software.

    As far as I know, most iphone photo recovery software has a free trial version. You can use that to scan your lost photo. If it works, you can purchase it to recover. Also, some data recovery software has a free version, but they have limitations to recover. Just several types of photos can be recovered.

    If you didn't know which one is perfect, you can search in Google. Good luck!

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