Photo saves?

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    Hello all,

    Curious on this one. I just noticed that when I shoot video on the iphone 5, it saves it but why can't the photos be saved as such. If I send pictures to someone via email, I'll choose the actual size but the person I'm sending them to gets Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg, etc.

    This is annoying when having to rename photos so they don't overwrite each other. Why can't the iphone save images like a camera would in a sequence or is there a way to do so?

    Also, it does that naming scheme if I even save a photo to my camera roll and then email it, it gives it the default Photo1, etc.

    Are there any apps that will circumvent this or a setting to change somewhere?


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    Photo saves?

    You cannot change or edit the name of the photo in iOS. Yes it is annoying but to me it is not even something I would want.
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    I don't want to change the names within the OS (not user controllable), I just want to it keep the photos in a sequence so no matter what photo you send to friends or family, there's no worry in overwriting a previously sent photo. Basically, the 1st photo you take is forever named Photo1.jpg, then the 2nd is Photo2.jpg, the 100th is Photo100.jpg, etc... So if I send some pics from a vacation, then what my email shows being sent vs. what they see on their end for attached photos is the same (I've attached, Photo72.jpg, Photo78.jpg, etc..).

    I'm not a programmer so I don't know how this can be so difficult to do. I think my Samsung S3 for the short time I had it, named the photos in a non-duplicating sequence.


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