Photo Stream and demoted Macs

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    Jun 11, 2011
    In the keynote, Jobs talks about demoting the Mac to be like iOS devices. The cloud becomes the central point, pushing down changes to all other devices.

    I have an iPhone, an iPad, a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air. Consider my scenario while on vacation with my iPhone and iPad.

    1. I take photos on my iPhone.

    2. My photos show up in PhotoStream on my iPad. Cool. I create a new vacation album on the iPad and move my photos throughout the week there, maybe posting some to Facebook, Twitter, etc...

    3. I get home and fire up my Macbook Pro. I assume those photos are in PhotoStream. Do I now need to create the album on my Macbook Pro? Was it a waste of time doing it on the iPad?

    4. What about the Macbook Air? Is it going to also get the album I made on the iPad? Is my iPad really still tied to the Macbook Pro to sync iPhoto, or is iPhoto syncing everything to the cloud?

    Bottom line: This is all really interesting, but I have a bad feeling that it really isn't solving the big picture issues and that I will just end up having lots of duplicate photos on every device all in different albums, etc...

    Can anyone provide a thorough explanation of how iPhoto will work? Can it sync the two macs up, or what is going to happen here?

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