Photo Stream, and trying to do what I want to do

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  1. exi macrumors 6502

    Oct 16, 2012
    Photo Stream isn't going to work for this, I don't think, so I wanted to ask MR.

    Here's what I would like.

    I take a photo on my iPhone. That photo is automatically synced to the cloud -- and by extension, my laptop and iPad. I, on any of those devices, can place that photo in an album, add keywords, etc, and have those changes synchronized across all devices.

    Photo Stream is nice in itself, but it (a) duplicates photos on the device on which the picture was taken because the pic also exists in the Camera Roll, which would be fine except (b) I'm not sure how easily or how I can best organize pics other than having them all lumped into "My Photo Stream."

    How might I be able to do this, or at least come close, with iCloud as it is now?
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    not exactly how you want it, but on your laptop open up iPhoto and organize them through that. You won't be able to see them on all devices, but that's currently not how photo stream works. If you want to see all your photos you can then get an app called file browser which can show files on a time capsule or computer and be shared across all devices. Probably the best thing that will do as of now

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