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    Alright, so I've recently had a child so i decided to set up a shared photo stream for me, my misses and our families to join to so we don't have to keep sending photos around. It works fine on my iPh5 and my iPad Mini but when i jump on my MBP and go into iPhoto, only the photos that i have added come up, is there a way i can change this so all the photos in the stream pop up in my iPhoto?

    Also, since other people can add photos to the stream, i have been saving all other photos using *Save to camera roll*, but none of these photos are showing up in my own photo stream, anyone got any ideas on how to fix these 2 problems?
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    I think you'll need to add an album in the"shared stream " section, then other people can add photos to it, but you'll need to add them to your camera roll 1st, then add them to the shared stream

    You can also use the share icon, and share it to the cloud, which should give you the option of which album
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    I don't quite understand? Everything is setup, I have the stream working and people are adding photos, the photos are showing up on my iPhone and iPad under the shared photo stream, just on my MBP in the shared photo stream it is only showing the photos I added to it, and not theirs?
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    For the first issue I'm seeing the same thing. My guess is that the new multi-contributer Shared Photo Streams won't show up in iPhoto until Mavericks.
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    Make sure you have done the following:

    From iPhoto support page:

    To turn Shared Photo Streams on and off in iPhoto:
    1.Choose iPhoto > Preferences, and click Photo Stream.

    2.Do one of the following:

    ■To turn on Shared Photo Streams: Select the Shared Photo Stream checkbox.

    ■To turn off Shared Photo Streams: Deselect the Shared Photo Stream checkbox.

    After you turn off Shared Photo Streams in iPhoto, you can continue to add photos to and remove photos from your shared photo streams using your other Apple devices.
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    bohbot16 is correct - the current version of iPhoto for Mac does not fully support iCloud Photo Sharing (aka. new Shared Photo Streams, where invited people can collaboratively post photos and videos). iPhoto will only show images posted into the stream by the stream's owner.

    This was also the case with Apple TVs until the recent update.

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