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    May 6, 2013
    I recently deleted about 700pictures from my iphone, but they are still in my iPhoto. I made the realization afterwards that I was a bit overzealous in my deletion and now want to put about half of them back on my phone. I know I can do this through email and dropbox, but is there a way of getting them back on my phone in the order they were originally in (time sorted) without syncing all 6,000+pictures from my iPhoto onto my phone? I backed up my phone to iCloud, but I didn't tick the "Photos" portion because I always back up my photos to iPhoto. If there is a way I can do this, it would be REALLY helpful!:D
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    Feb 19, 2005
    In iPhoto, make a new album (I call mine iPhone) and move the photos to that folder (like you would iTunes & playlists). Then plug (or do OTA) your phone in and open iTunes. Go to "photos" and click on the specific album you want to sync each time. I have one for wallpaper and one for photos. I had to finally get rid of 1700 photos off mine phone but wanted to keep about 3 dozen and that is how I do it.

    Just note that when you sync your phone, your photos aren't automatically downloading into iPhoto. You have to open iPhoto and handle that yourself. Any photo you put in the folder you're going to sync will end up on your phone in a new album with the same name. It won't be loaded back to your camera roll.

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