iPad PhotoAlbums+ 2.0: bugfixes & iPad Support!

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    SpiritOfLogic's (makers of iRealSMS, PwnTunes & RetinaAppIcons) latest PhotoAlbums+ 2.0 update fixes a couple bugs and now provides the long awaited iPad Support!

    For those of you that dont know what PhotoAlbums+ is, its a simple CameraRoll Management Tool. It allows you easily create custom photo albums so you can sort out all the images/videos from your CameraRoll directly on your device without having to first import them to your computer, organize, then export back to your device via itunes. It can literally save you hours of time & frustration. Complete details and features are in the Video Posted above.


    bugfix 1 - Users of iPhoto that have Events and Faces categories were unhappy to find that after the installation of the initial version that their albums tab now also housed their Events and Faces albums as well turning their album tab into a cluster of albums void of the native filter.
    PhotoAlbums+ 2.0 fixes this bug and now all tabs function as they are meant to.

    bugfix 2 - fixes a boot cycle bug caused by a conflict with certain MS extensions that were found to somehow attach themselves to the PA+ tweak causing a failed boot cycle.

    added - Last it adds the highly requested iPad support!!
    Do note that compatibility is exclusive to iPads with firmware 4.2 and higher.

    Its available now in the CydiaStore.
    follow us on twitter: @iRealSMS

    Thanks for your support!
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    Does photoalbums+ not work with 5.1.1? I bought it, but I don't have the functionality. I looked at the cydia page, and it says that it was updated to work with 5.1 (I assume that it would say 5.1.1, so I should have read more closely)

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