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Aug 22, 2009
I'm a graphic designer/photographer and going to be on the job market for the first time in years soon, so I'm working on updating my portfolio. Since these hardcover make your own photobooks came out I've thought it be cool to have my work in one. Does anyone think this would work for prospective job interviews?

What is the standard way to present your work these days?
How do you present yours?
I'm working on my website now but don't want to go into the interview with laptop where they can't really see the work well, and my old aluminum binder with acrylic pages seems so out of dates now.

thanks for the input


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Oct 2, 2007
mine is a bit unconventional. i merely printed piece out onto Tabloid sheets and wire-bound them.

I too have thought about doing a Photobook as they are cheap but the idea of updating (though i haven't updated my current in years) or promoting the right stuff per interview makes me re-consider this.

not sure that helped, but bumped for you.


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Aug 4, 2008
check out blurb and lulu for self-publishing. you can set up a book in indesign, and export it into a pdf, and then have them printed for a price. i one did a book through blurb, and they charged about $40 for about 32 pages. the color matching wasn't the greatest, but then again i didn't opt for their premium paper (which i should have since the regular feels very thin and cheap). they bounded the hard cover for me, and put everything together. overall i wasn't that bad.
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