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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by pika2000, May 4, 2012.

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    Here's a scenario. Let's say I have relative (let's use "he" for this purpose) living far away from me. He is what you can call, a normal person. He don't know/care about tech, but one thing he appreciates is pictures, so I would like to share my pictures with him. Where he lives, wireless cellular internet is more accessible than landline internet. He doesn't want to have a PC at all. A 3G iPad would be a perfect companion for him IMO.

    Now, to the sharing solution. I was watching some old Apple keynotes, and iPhoto used to have a feature called Photocasting. Eg. you have your family/friends subscribe to what is pretty much an RSS feed of your photo from iPhoto, and every time you put pictures in that feed, it will automatically pushed to the subscribers. Problem is, that feature is no longer. Besides, it would involve him buying a PC/Mac, which what we want to avoid in the first place.

    iCloud's Photostream seem to be the logical solution. But it's not. First, I would either have to have a separate iCloud account setup for him on my Mac, or have him access mine (which is not going to happen). Second, it shares just the one Photostream folder, and he would have to manage the albums himself. Lastly, it only works via wifi on his side, which we won't have as we would rely on 3G radio.

    How about dropbox/Skydrive. I can sign him up for an account, have it syncing with my Mac and he can access the pictures on the respective app on his iPad. Thing is, it's not intuitive having to use those apps instead of the built-in photo app.

    I can sign him up on Facebook or some social networking site and share the pictures that route. But then it would be too complicated explaining the whole thing when the goal is just to share pictures.

    Next thing I could think of is Picasa. I can setup a Google account for him, and have it synced with the albums in my Mac's Picasa. There are apps in the app store for iPads that would sync with Picasa. Seems like the easiest solution so far.

    What do you guys think? Any other ideas? The idea is to not having to rely on a PC/Mac.

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