Photographers - advise on Glossy vs Matte?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mi.mac.rules, Apr 21, 2010.

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    This summer (when I have the money), I'll be looking at upgrading from my late 2006 white MacBook to a new MacBook Pro - most likely the 15". I realize there are countless other threads out there on the glossy vs matte topic and a lot of people are either "matte all the way!" or "glossy has more vibrant colors!" but almost none of them give anything from the perspective of a photographer. I'm going for the hi-res (of course) and would like to know what PHOTOGRAPHERS (or visual designers) think of the color accuracy of either.

    I'm assuming I should calibrate it to get the best accuracy (because, yes, I know that laptop screens will never give the best results), so, does anyone know of any really great calibration apps (preferably with screen recognition)?

    Thanks all :apple:
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    Glossy or Matte

    Matte. Hands down. Glossy is TERRIBLE for photography. The hi-lites look blown out (when they are not). You cant see if you are near a window. It just sucks. I held onto my powerbook from 2005 because of its matte screen. My gf bought one of the macbooks with glossy screen last year. It is horrendous for image editing.

    Get the matte. Its a no brainer.
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    Definitely matte. I compared them and the gloss display had significant loss of detail in shadow areas of images. As far as color calibration goes it depends on the color space and/or printing service requirements you have.
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    Thanks all, I'm going with matte unless someone shows me significant evidence not to. :D
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    I'm a photographer and I use only matte screens.

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