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Dec 8, 2010
Southern Pines, North Carolina
Photography Lens Kit for the iPhone 4
Ok I have a review today on a iPhone 4 lens kit, this kit comes with travel tripod, 3 lenses(8x telephoto, macro, and fish eye) and the snap case used to attach the lenses to the phone. The kit comes from for $41.95, it is slightly cheaper then other kits i have seen and I have been looking at buying one for quite some time so I pulled the trigger. The kit comes in a very nice package with the lenses all separated to prevent scratches. It also comes with a small carry bag for the snap case and lenses along with lens caps.

The Lens Kit comes with a snap style case that you install like any other snap case, on the back there is a threaded circle around the camera and that is how the lenses attach to the iPhone. The functionality of the case is just like any other snap case, it is smooth and leave all the ports and buttons open for access. The Kit comes with a small travel tripod with a spring loaded clamp to clamp you iPhone into place, the clamp is very tight and when the iPhone is attached it works very well. You can also remove the clamp from the tripod and attached it to any other tripod or mono pod. taking the pictures is exactly the same, except you cant use the flash as it is to close to the the camera and the lens size blocks it.

There are three lenses and I will show you a little comparison with a test shot and a shot with the lens on. I do not know to much about photography but i can tell that the lenses do make a difference and enhance the iPhone camera.

When taking pictures with the telephoto lens I noticed that it needs to be really stable to get a clear shot, you almost need to have it in the tripod to get a nice clear picture . Once you get the lens all mounted up and ready to shot it works pretty well.

The fish eye lens give the fish eye effect to the camera making the range that the camera sees wider which lets you capture more in a photo. The Fish Eye lens also produces a little bit of a cutoff in the corners of the shot as you can see, it does not do this in the video mode.

The macro lens give a little bit wider shot as well as a closer and more detail focused picture. I found this lens to be the one I liked the most for all around pictures and video, it took really good close up shots.
test shot

Overall the performance of the lenses and the kit was pretty good. The snap case was a little cheap and could have been higher quality but I would use it for anything other then tacking pictures. The IPhone has zoom on it so you can zoom with out a lens but with the lenses the pics have a wider shot and stay at a higher quality because your not using the digital zoom. The video function on the iPhone 4 does not let you zoom so these lenses would give you many functions the IPhone doesn't have. I have seen many kits that cost 70 dollars or more and for under 50 bucks this kit worked out pretty well.

i am adding a few pictures at the bottom here to show the different lenses
the first shot is a test shot
the second pic is the telephoto lens shot
the third is the fisheye lens
fourth is the macro shot
last is the kit


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Feb 19, 2008
Right there
If you want to direct link to images you need to get the code. On a Mac I right click on the image and select "Copy image address" and then paste it in. Like so:



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Jan 6, 2011
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Thanks for a great a very detailed review. I really appreciate the details of the review and the photos. That's what makes the community great!

Wish there were more like this, maybe I'll have to get off mine and write one. :D


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Apr 10, 2011
really is a good and informative review about diffrent lesnse for the iPhoneography, just wondering if the lenses will be compatible for the iPhone 3, and 3Gs and 4.
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