PhotoLine 22 is released!


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Mar 19, 2009
PhotoLine 22 was released this weekend. PhotoLine is a versatile all-purpose image and graphics editor, with support for both bitmap and vector in one application.

This release adds:
  • non-destructive vector path booleans
  • channel control per layer (for example, only activate the red channel)
  • multi-channel image support: duotones, tritones, etc. are now possible, including spot colour support
  • vibrance adjustment layers
  • a range of vector editing improvements: editable colours for vector patterns, transforming groups of multi-selected vector points, multiple selected anchor points can be moved together, and more
  • placeholder layers (comparable to smart objects) options have been extended
  • pages panel improvements
  • pixel grid and document anti-aliasing settings
  • PSD import loads vector layer masks
  • jpg2000 import and export with LAB support
  • PDF multichannel DeviceN support
  • the option to turn off scrollbars in the document window
  • the option to turn off retina resolution for document windows on Mac (speeding up processing without hardly any visible differences)
  • support for HaldCLUTs 3d colour tables
  • automatic table of contents generation for documents
  • many other workflow and tool improvements across the board.

On a personal note: I have been using PhotoLine for quite some time now, since I left Adobe because of the rent-only option. PhotoLine has a number of unique features which have no equivalent in any other image editor. The workflow is mostly non-destructive, including its RAW developing. Any layer can be any image mode and bit depth (only dedicated indexed mode is missing, but 1bit is available).
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