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    Jul 13, 2015
    I just got back from a vacation. Plugged my camera and phone into the macbook and watched around 300 pictures and videos transfer over. I'm a basic mac user I've owned it 6 months and use it for internet and office work.

    I'm wanting to share all of my photos with the person that went and not sure how. I have a massive corporate dropbox account that I use on this computer daily but when I select all of the pictures/videos in the album I've created I can't seem to get an upload/share/transfer option to move them to the dropbox folder so I can send the link to my friend. Any idea what I should do?

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    Jul 13, 2015
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    For those that want to know I figured it out. You can select the album then at the top select to export then navigate to your dropbox folder. Took a lot of looking around to get to that. Oddly it will not bring dropbox up in the programs listed within the photos program it was only allowing icloud sharing.
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    Assuming you are using Photos...

    I do not believe that you can share directly from Photos to DropBox. But what you can do, and it would be the same as if you could share directly out of Photos to DropBox, is to export the pictures that you want to a folder in your DropBox folder and then share that folder.

    And, if you are using Photos, you might be better off using iCloud Photo Sharing instead. Check the help for more information on how to use it and set it up. The advantage of using iCloud Photo Sharing would be that you would not have two sets of your pictures on your HD - one in your Photos library and one in your DropBox.


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