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    Hello MacRumors!

    I take a lot of pictures, either using my iPhone 6+, Sony A7R, and sometimes its smaller brother, the RX100 IV. I'm really bad at organizing pictures on my Photos Library, so I need you guys' best practices in photo management, preferably using Apple's own Photos app.

    Currently, every night before going to bed, I transfer every pictures that I take from Sony cameras manually using the SD Card, import them to the Photos app, then categorize them to new folders based on locations. Finally, I synced the newly-added pictures to my iPhone using iTunes.

    I feel like this method is not super efficient because I will end up having a ton of albums on my iPhone and there is no way for me to delete or modify the albums on the go because it is synced and tied up using iTunes and Photos app on my Mac.

    What do you guys think? Is it better to send pictures directly to my iPhone from the Sony Cameras using Wi-Fi and add albums directly on the iPhone? (this way will make way for me to try using iCloud Photo Library)

    Please kindly share you guys' best practices in photo management, especially for people that use external camera and transfer pictures often to their iPhones. I appreciate you guys' input. Thanks!
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    Personally I just organise by year then month. Any special events within the month I create an album within the month. I keep all my iPhone ones separate from my digital ones then mark all the best as favorites. It worked a lot better in Aperture but I moved to Photos a few months ago. Sadly I had to split my library up because of space.. my library had become over 500GB and I've only got a 512SSD! I've kept all my pictures stored this way since 2007! It feels nice to be able to look back and see what I was doing in say September 2009!

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    I couldn't tell you what's best but this is what works for me.

    I categorise by location, person, event. I sometimes use some sub-categories. The files are stored in folders by year. That's just for convenience, it's the keywords which allow me to find any photo quickly.

    I'm using Lightroom, not Photos.
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    Workflows and organzation schemes are personal, there is no best way.

    I'm in Lightroom and I organize by year, type (family or events). I like Lightroom because you don't need a complex structure, just use keywords and the filtering and smart albums will do the work for you

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