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    Background: I used to organize all my photos/videos from my iPhone in Dropbox and let Hazel on my Mac rename them based on Date Created, etc (using Dropbox Camera Uploads). This worked fine for years and I could view my photos anywhere using Dropbox.

    However, I jumped all in w/ iCloud Photo Library when Photos for Mac was finally released and seemed stable. I put all of my photos that were stored in Dropbox and moved them to the Photos app, effectively letting iCloud Photo Library be my master library.

    Everything seems to work fine... however, here is my issue. I'm approaching 200GB in iCloud and don't really want to pay the $9.99 for 1TB (why they don't offer 500GB plan is beyond me). Anyway, I know that I have some huge 10 minute videos from various things that I don't necessarily care about being stored in my iCloud Photo Library. So all I want to do is export these out of my Photos library and store them as regular files in Dropbox (to re-gain some of my iCloud space). When I export out of the Photos app, the Date Modified and Date Created change to the current date/time. Yes, I understand that technically the file date/time is now different and that the EXIF data should still be in tact, BUT why when I export as UNMODIFIED original is it changing the date?

    When I tell my PC at work to download all of the iCloud Photos (using the iCloud application), it puts them in a 2016 folder and has the CORRECT date/time in both the Date Created/Date Modified fields (the time of the picture). Why is this?

    Downloading directly from gives me the current date/time (not the time of the picture).

    What is the best way to get these video files out of iCloud yet make my Date Modified/Created the time of the picture? The reason I need to the Date Modified/Created time to be correct is so that my Hazel scripts can properly rename the files.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Do you have the originals saved on your mac? If so, you could just open the .photoslibrary as a folder and in there there's a folder called master that should contain all your pics and videos as they were when originally imported ('masters'). If you copy the videos out of there and then subsequently delete them from inside the Photos app, I believe you will achieve what you want.

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