Photos App & iCloud Photo Library: Misreporting Usage, "Orphaned" Video

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by jdag, Feb 10, 2015.

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    I have a situation with a video that I've deleted still taking up storage space on both my iPhone and iPad. The video is 635mb.

    I did enable iCloud Photo Library (beta) about a month ago. Subsequently, I turned it off as I was noticing a large amount of storage being used on both devices (and quite honestly, I didn't see much benefit of the iCloud Photo Library as I rarely use my iPhone/iPad cameras).

    However, in the time I had iCloud Photo Library active, I had taken and deleted a few videos, including this one 635mb video in question.

    Now, even though I have erased every photo and every video from my iPhone, iPad, and even via the Photos app, my iPhone and iPad still report using 635mb. I have been sure to empty the recently deleted items. If you look at my iPhone and iPad Photos app, everything is completely empty. Yet under Settings -> General -> Usage -> Manage Storage (for device), both my iPhone and iPad report 635mb used.

    I've tried turning the iCloud Photo Library option on and off several times. I have also gone into Settings -> General -> Usage -> Manage Storage (for iCloud) and disabled, re-enabled, and re-disabled. iCloud Photo Library.

    Strangely, when I had activated the iCloud Photo Library yesterday, that "deleted" video actually reappeared in my recently deleted items folder. I emptied it. But again, cannot recover the used space (and even turning off/on iCloud Photo Library doesn't cause it to re-appear again).

    Any ideas to reclaim that space? I only have a 16gb iPhone, so 635mb is pretty significant. I have not yet tried erasing the device and restoring from backup, but that might be an option.
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