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    So I'll preface this by saying I have a very large 450GB Aperture library. It works just fine on my Mac Mini, and is lightning fast on my new Retina iMac, both in Aperture and iPhoto.
    I opened Photos and it went through the conversion of the library, then just closed without an error message. I tried to reopen it and got

    Assertion failure in -[RKBipJob updateFromJob:], /SourceCache/PhotoApp/PhotoApp-209.52/lib/redrock/Image/RKBipJob.m:68
    Invalid parameter not satisfying: [self isEqual:job]
    abort() called

    Reset everything back from backup of the library (everyone did backup before upgrading, right?). I did a permissions, repair and rebuild on the Aperture library, made sure I had no referenced files, and opened Photos again.
    Same thing, but this time I did get an error message, and it looked like it was after the conversion completed. Now when I open Photos, I see my photos for a few seconds, then get the same error. Tried holding down option-command when opening Photos, and it did a repair on the database, but then still got the same error.

    By the way, side bug--your library is renamed with a different extension that adds "migrated" so that breaks screen saver that refer to the library, and iPhoto as well until you point to the file (hold down option when starting Aperture or iPhoto).
    (Actually that made me check to see if Photos is available as an option in Desktop & Screensaver, and it is, so it looks like the Photos library was created--just can't open the app).

    Anyone else having issues? I'm going to try it with a smaller Aperture Library (you can export to a new library in Aperture) and see what that does, but if I can't have the whole library, it's not that useful.
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    I have the same problem, but I'm sorry to say that I don't know how to solve it :(
  3. MonkeyDavid, Apr 9, 2015
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    Some progress

    So after exporting subsets of photos to new Aperture libraries and importing them into Photos, the culprit appears to be some corrupted photos. The thumbnails appear like the attached image (the one on the right). If I try to "Generate Preview" I get a message saying "The selected item was externally edited in iPhoto and cannot be updated." If I select "New version from original" I get the a corrected image (the one on the left in the attached image).
    I'm working right now to export the images then delete them all and see if that corrects the problem...but these images are at least part of the problem, because even if I make a library of 1 photo that's one of these, it will crash Photo after import--and I also have successfully imported 1000 photos that do not include one of these.

    (By the way, these seem to be images that were rotated in iPhoto at some point.)

    OK, I think I'm on to something. The corrupted files all had a pixel size of 710 × 946. I just used filter (on Aperture Metadata) to look for that pixel size, then tagged them all with a color (so I could find them later) then did the "New version from original" and deleted the corrupted ones (I sorted on pixel size so the ones to go would all be on top). I also did "Generate Thumbnails" on them, but I don't know if that mattered. As a test I exported all those images into a new Aperture library and imported them into Photos, with no errors.

    So, a few thoughts:
    1. I haven't tried the whole library yet, and I may have other problematic image files. In general, Photos doesn't handle this well (in this case, the corruption seemed to happen from editing in iPhoto before import to Aperture the first time--all of these files predated my purchase of Aperture several years ago).
    2. If you are using iPhoto, finding and fixing the corrupted images may be a lot more difficult.
    3. Messing around in Aperture and using these filters, and albums, etc, made me really sad that it's no longer going to be supported. I hope Apple makes Photos more robust so I don't have to go to Lightroom (and that Photos allows editing in Photoshop and returning to Photos).

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