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    Apr 27, 2011
    While we don't know what capabilities the upcoming Photos app will have we can make some some assumptions based on data revealed on the IOS 8 Photos app covered in the WWDC. I just finished watching the session on the Photos Framework and it's given me some idea of what to expect.

    • Sharing is a major element of the new framework. Many people have looked for a way to share iPhoto and Aperture libraries. The new iCloud photos framework implements it in the only way that would allow sharing across the entire Apple eco-system.
    • The sharing will allow you and your spouse to put both your vacation photos into the same collection and edit them together.
    • Multiple apps can edit photos in the library. The API provides various mechanisms for different apps to edit photos and store the adjustment data. I expect the 3rd party market to come to the table with significant editing capabilities.
    • Multi-device editing will become commonplace. You may take a picture with your iPhone, make a few simple edits like cropping and exposure adjustment then upload it to Facebook. Later you may want to perform additional edits to really refine the image for other uses. You can continue your editing session with the Mac Photos app or another compatible app.
    • The iCloud organization structure looks very similar to the iPhoto/Aperture library. The object framework lets you create events, albums, smart albums, and folders. Since the framework supports I can't see them not including the same organization capabilities.

    While many lament the lack of a "Pro" photo app from Apple, how many current Aperture users are actual pros? I define pro to be someone whose primary source of income is from photography. I think most fit into the prosumer category. The few pros that I know are and have been using Adobe products.
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    I agree most full time pro as per your definition are not using Apples software but I'm sure there are a few out there, there must be.

    This will kind of suck for them because I have my doubts "Photos" will be very advanced, forcing the small pro group to buy yet another piece of software.

    Of course Photos being pretty basic is an assumption but considering it will be the default Photo app I doubt it will be very pro.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Kind of ironic that iPhoto and Aperture HAD LAN sharing built in till Apple took it out not long ago. I realize they are all in on iOS and iCloud, but still....

    Take that family sharing vacation photos. How do they control access? by AppleID? Or like Flickr? Do you need one account, or two?

    The use of adjustment data to make edits is really intriguing; this makes a sort of distributed DAM solution. Is the idea that this would work over the cloud as well? so I'd be uploading an edit of about 1MB rather than the photo file of 15MB?

    Is this only iOS?
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    The WWDC session was only about IOS but many of the objects discussed were interacting with the cloud. I can't imagine them building that framework for the cloud and not using it in the Mac app. Since the IOS version of Photos is doing it I expect the Mac version to be a superset of it.

    It's all conjecture at this point but I think we can learn a lot from looking at the code base. Just like some of the hardware that has been exposed in beta code references.
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    iOS already uses non-destructive editing (adjustment data), so it's really a matter of extending current capabilities.

    Access control could very well be like the document sharing in after the recent upgrades - permission is granted to any invited individuals. My guess is there will be different classes of access, so casual viewers can't edit.
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    Aperture -> FCP X

    If the new Photos app doesn't provide the capability to select stills in FCP, then all will be lost.
    I hope Lightroom includes this capability.

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