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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by d21mike, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Looks like the Photos is the same as with ATV 3. I was really really hoping to get the my FULL iCloud Photo Library like on the iPhone and iPad and on my Mac without having to create Shared Folders for every picture. Am I missing something? I do not mind having a shared folder option but not for everything. Can I simply say Share the entire Photo Library somewhere without making shared copies of all my photos. As a temporary workaround I am able to access my Mac Computer and since it has access to all the photos I can see them via Home Sharing. But just does not make any since I can not see my Photo Library. I thought that was the big thing about iCloud Photos.
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    The full photo library is available from Computers -> [Your Computer] -> Photos or should be, you might have to enable the sharing in iTunes first. File -> Home Sharing -> Choose Photos to Share... Make sure Share Photos from Photos is checked and All Photos and Albums is selected.

    There's no facility for ATV 4 to access the full iCloud photo library independently of a computer.

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