Photo's Batch/Group Metadata Changes

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    It appears I can only change the "Keyword" Metadata Value for multiple Photo's at the same time. I would like to change the Title of all selected Photo's (maybe other items as well). Is there an option I am missing? In iPhoto I used Events to group photos. They are now regular Albums which are ok but I would prefer to use Smart Albums. The idea is that if I go to an event and take 30 Photos I want to set a Keyword(s) for people (and other things) at the event and give an "Event Title" for all for all of the 30 Photos. The Keywords are pretty easy but the Title I have to cut and then paste 30 times. Going forward this is not too bad but I want to go back and change the pictures in all of the New Albums to use a Title and then combine the old Albums into Smart Albums. The Title is nice to see when you have multiple events in the same Smart Album.

    Of course it will also help if Photo's will sync the Smart Albums to all other devices.
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    The menu PHOTOS where BATCH CHANGE used to be is gone but Apple support still refers to that menu in its help. I am very unhappy as all my photos rely on the batch change feature to name and organize them in my smart albums.

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