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    Hi all! I tried to search for this topic but couldn't find anything, so i apologize if it's been asked before. My question is that I have several folders of photos on my iPhone 6S Plus on 9.3.2 (though it's been happening for the last few OSs now). The ones that auto-populate (selfies, etc) are fine. However, folders that I have synced from my PC often appear to "duplicate" on the phone and the duplicates contain photos that are in no way related to the ones that should be there. For example, for concert photos that I've shot, I might have folders called RHCP 2012, RHCP Atlanta, etc., and the first instances of those that appear in the list look to be OK. However, they will then be listed a second and even third time, containing photos of my pets or a vacation or something else. I have tried unsyncing and resyncing the photos and that usually works for a little while and then the problem recurs. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to avoid a total restore but I guess of there's no choice, there's no choice. Please tell me there's a choice. :)
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    You'd have to separate the ones that don't need to be put on the phone from the ones that do so they don't sync again (different folders, so put new ones not on phone into separate folder and then sync that folder with your phone), cause the computer isn't smart enough to know that you don't want them to be duplicated :p. At least that's my guess.

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