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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lewie109, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone,
    At my school I am on the Yearbook Staff. We have 2 MacBooks and a intel iMac. We have the whole Adobe CS2 Suite installed on our computers. My question is we have some blurry photos. Is there any way I can kind of fix them up? We do use our digital camera in sport mode for action pictures but you know how it works, When you take a picture and you move its becomes blurry.
    Also my friend just gave me his eMac and it has the raster shift problem. He told me all about it. There is a wire that is messed up and so on. How much would it cost to fix it my self? It is a eMac 700 MHZ. It is on the swivel and tilt stand and the computer don't do it as bad if it is tilted all the way down on the stand.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lewie ;) :apple: :D :cool:
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    Well, although there are a few fancy tools (expensive, I assume) that can theoretically improve blurred photos, you're basically out of luck--you can make blurring less noticeable, but you can't "fix" it. I'm not a photography expert, but making the photos smaller and maybe running a bit of a sharpen filter on it might help a little.

    As for the eMac, no idea.
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    Yeah, I always got frustrated with blurry pictures in yearbook. What I normally did if I really liked the picture was to use it in a small frame, that way the blur is much less noticeable. Otherwise, you're SOL if you want it for big frames. Best thing to do is just take some new pictures. If you go over to the digital photography forums, you can get some tips on how to take action pictures and minimize the blur.

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