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    Jul 18, 2008
    As IT support for the family and friends I'm going through and setting up Photos on everyones Mac's.

    Firstly. My Mum's a bit of a digital hoarder and I've found shes been saving photos from Facebook to her Pictures folder and Desktop despite me saying to import everything into iPhoto so that everything is in one place. Going forward whats the best way to get all her photos into the one place and not spread out everywhere?

    Second, some Mac's don't have a ton of extra space with both the new Photos library and the old iPhotos/Aperture libraries, but I've read "do not delete the old library". What should be done with the old libraries to move the photos over to the new format so the old library can be deleted?
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    Jul 25, 2014
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    My mum does this too :roll eyes:
    She does grasp iPhoto ect and imports from her phone,cards & thumb drives into iPhoto but yeah the concept of moving downloaded stuff?? completely foreign haha

    I deleted my iPhoto library asap when it was imported into the new photos app.

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