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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rick snagwell, Dec 29, 2016.

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    hey everyone, hope your holidays were awesome!

    i have a brand new mac desktop, and a iphone 7 plus. my wife has a iphone 6. we have the same icloud login on our phones.

    we would like to take a picture with the iphone, and when it gets in range of our HQ (mac), upload the picture to that and delete from our phones.

    all i can do now is:

    take a picture, and when its uploading to all devices logged in with the icloud.

    i wanna have it delete the photo on the device so i know its uploaded and we dont do dupe pics.

    hope thats not too confusing, thanks for any tips!
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    iCloud doesn't work that way. If you turn on "Optimize Photos" on your iPhones then when space is needed, a thumbnail version will be saved instead of the full resolution image that gets saved to The Cloud and your Mac.

    But the way iCloud syncs, if you actually delete an image from your iPhone then it deletes it from the cloud.

    Dropbox or Google photos has ways to work the way you want it, but not with the auto delete feature. I've complained alot about the way iCloud works with photos, but apparently some like it that way. I want what you want, a safe secure way to archive photos to the Cloud, which is not a feature of iCloud.

    If you go to the Apple Support communities you will see many many posts where people have assumed iCloud is an archive for photos and have lost 1000s of photos before realizing it is not.
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    This is why I have not activated this feature and use dropbox. I auto save the files to dropbox and then import them into Photos. I am in the same boat as you. I want to be able to have my photo go to my main library. But once I delete the file from my phone I want the file to remain in my main library. Don't touch my main library unless I am adding files. This is something I feel apple has missed the mark on. IMHO.
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    iCloud Photo Library removes the concept of "these photos are on your phone". Instead, "these photos are in your library." and the library is accessible on all your devices.

    It can take a while to unlearn the old way of doing things, where you have multiple devices with different data and a big mess because you don't know what is where. But trust me, when you do it's like a big weight lifted off your shoulders.

    The important thing is to make sure you keep your own backup of your full library. iCloud is convenient but I don't completely trust it.

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