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    I hated iPhoto. It made me cry. So I stored all my iPhone photos in folders in the Pictures folder, which was fine, however I tried moving them all into the new Photos app, which worked well, however a quick look in Preferences showed me that "Copy item to the photo library" was off.

    Does this mean that all of my photos will remain in their old folders? If so, is there a (simple) way of moving them ALL to the Photos Library? I want to be able to delete these folders and clear up my whole Pictures folder.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    select all the images you want to import, then in menu bar : File / Consolidate.

    Once all the files have been imported, you can delete all the images folders outside the Photos app.

    But make sure to have a backup of your Mac, or at least of your Photos Library before deleting the original files.

    In Photos app, you have an "Help" item in the menu bar :
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    Nice, thank you!

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